FIRDA 100 ÅR - Jubileumsforestilling


Trivselshagen, Sandane

Logica is a commission from Firda Vidaregåande Skule for the schools 100 year anniversary celebration.

Duration: 1h 25 mins

Why do we learn what we do? And who decides this?

In Ludvig Holberg's famous work, Erasmus Montanus, the main character Rasmus Berg comes to visit his home village after studying in the big city. The knowledge he has absorbed creates a divide between him and his fellow villagers. Berg's knowledge is the starting point for misunderstandings and satire, which creates the dramaturgical line of the play. Can a person become too knowledgeable for one's own good?

In Logica we address this and other questions in the anniversary performance that marks 100 years of Firda Upper Secondary School. Here we look at how theatre and performing arts have criticised and celebrated the educational institution, the school system and teaching throughout the ages.

The performance emphasises and challenges ideas about logic and who gets to write history. Together, this becomes a love letter to the teaching profession and local forces - as well as a wonderment about what awaits around the next bend: The future is here now!

“Eg staar med hatt i hand / framfor mitt kjære lærarstand / som trutt lyt leida meg, den dryge kunnskapsveg.
Dei pryler paa meg hardt / og fram eg skrid med sniglefart / og fyl den sterke hand / som ber mitt muleband.
Og vil eg ikkje gaa / so spring dei bak og jagar paa. / Og jammen lyt eg til/ kor lite so eg vil.
So larkar eg i veg / og mulebandet fører meg igjennom øydeland. / Skje takk mitt lærarstand.”

Excerpt from the school paper “Firdaljos”, dated 1926.

Artistic team:

Concept, artistic direction, choreography: Jonas Øren

Co-creators: Åshild Lerpold, Helena Heggli Walseth, Judith Karin Bakketun

Musical supervision: Hanne Grete Heen, Olai Førsund, Øystein Eide, Martin Koren

Theatrical supervision: Ingeborg Stige


Film: Runar Sandnes

Jonas Pedersen Øren 2019 — Oslo