Jonas is staged. Jonas is masked. Jonas is created. Jonas is Jonas.

An individual is at odds with her/himself, when she/he tried to coincide with her/himself.  To coincide with oneself is an impossibility.

Self-mediation, self-portraiture and self-creation are all fields of interest that have created the base for this project: PRESENTATIONS. PART 1.1-1.4. Performing a self-portrait in the self(ie) society. The performance is framed as a talk show where the main topic of debate is me (Jonas Øren). 

Four different talk show settings will investigate the performance of the self, self-mediation and the politics of the personal through four specific themes; past, future, sex and career.

 Each performance will be framed as a new talk show with different hosts, artists, and guests. It will also be a new production of movements and meaning – all linked to the theme of the specific show. Using autobiography, the starting point is to investigate the coincidences in the object and subject – the sameness and differences. I have a feeling that I could coincide with myself; my body is the site where both the object and the subject of the self intersect; a complicated situation that leads to confusion as there is the self that is being performed and the performing self. It marks a hiatus between the object and subject – the coincidence and the noncoincidence – they are not the same, neither in consciousness nor in reality.

Opening the peformance with the interpretation of different personae created by four choreographers,

the thematics of the show will create a setting for live interviews that will be physically interpreted by me. In addition to being pure entertainment, focusing on showmanship and the ability to wow the audience, this choreography has an amibition to deal with an underlying problematic chosen by each choreographer. It will be the typical glossed up and polished first impression, which the rest of the performance hopefully will not be able to maintain; a made-up image created and worked in juxtaposition to the content of the live interviews.

Following the opening number the talk show starts and the guests will be interviewed by the host. Each show will be hosted by different people. The interviews will be based on my own personal experiences, making the performance autobiographical. Performing the interviews, the guests mark the diversity of performing subjectivity through mediation and strategy. The interviews won’t provide anything but narrow references to the personal.

The physical articulation and reaction to the interviews, marking the ending of the performance, reveals a potential of creating the personal for others while performing the self. It is a corrupt version of the first choreography – a repetition or an anti-quotation – undermining the essentialist notions of the self and of identity. It marks the politics of the personal in connection with the personal as a manufactured commodity, in particular.
My interest in the format of the talk show is also based on the fact that the Qualitative Method links to talk shows and the usage of live interviewing. In the method, qualitative analysis forms a basis for the creation of movements and composition. Interviews of the guests will form a basis for my physical articulation that will end the show – a repetition of the beginning, but now under the influence of what has been revealed in the interviews.

The physical self(ie)-portrait of myself is produced by the interviews; translating and transfering statements into movements – as if painting a portrait using people’s words as colours. It is a showcasing of my performed "truth", in relation to the different topics.

What will then be revealed through this autobiographic performance else than a personal, egotistical, solipsistic and narcisistic point view? I / me will never be authentic. The personal will always be manufactured. But the collective creation of the self will forever be a divided self and the binary between fictional and real remains unstable.

The real is forever questioned.

Jonas Pedersen Øren 2019 — Oslo