Choreographer: Thomas Talawa Prestø

Host, guesta and artists to be revealed.

“I had a need to be seen – and I fascinated people who were drawn to those who dared to do what they did not allow themselves to do.”  

“I became a master in adjusting myself; a master of modifications – always being in the middle of expectations, prejudices and my own desires.”

“I was overly interested in and would always highlight my own priveledges.”

To choreograph my whiteness.

We are identifying  the queer/gay behaviour manifested in and coming  from the black woman. With the ambition to find, create and stage the “object” –  “Jonas” – we approach black femininty. By embodying black womanhood through gestures and actions we palpate gayness; how stereotypical gayness in popular culture strategically appropriates the actions of the black female body. In this process the dancing body becomes an agent for a dignified attitude rather than doing what is referred to with negative connotations as ghetto or feminine/queer/gay.  The ambition is to create/find a version of the self; a created/found and staged object – “Jonas”. 

The song“If I can’t sell it, I’ll sit on it”, famously performed by Ruth Brown, is the initiating factor for the process. It is a text that is speaking directly  with resistance and a certain edge to a second part. By learning and doing the text, a natural action and performance happens as the connotations of the song gives an organic (bodily) understanding that nurtures the project.  The actions of saying/singing the words and the autonomous doing of movements creates an attitude and a clear identity. The text also highlights a dancer’s perpective as it elegantly addresses the body as a commodity.

A TALK SHOW mediating the past self in the now, based on the (narrative) memory and the mythologisation of the self. It is about presenting and performing the strategic remembrance with an ambition to create a reverberation of what has been and is still ongoing; an interaction between past and present. Choosing to remember comes with a degree of consciousness and agency.

Engendering a coherent and continous identity as we remind ourself in the presence of who we were in the past.

“A process of constructing, maintaining and reconstructing our identity.” – Davies

Jonas Pedersen Øren 2019 — Oslo