Somewhat Deconstructed 2.0

Somewhat Deconstructed 2.0 I is a furthering of the project Somewhat Deconstructed – created as a part of my final MA-project, PRESENTATIONS. It is a continued approach to my idealization of William Forsythe using the words of Arthur Rimbaud, “Je est un autre”. In this case, the (great) Other is the clean spectacle of the male solos and the famous pas de deux with Sylvie Guillem from In the Middle Somewhat Elevated, sourced from Youtube-videos. Material from the iconic ballet is extracted and analyzed emphasizing my body as a cognitive medium. It is then given personal meaning through personal or fantasy-driven narratives. Idealization yields autonomous imitation. This project is first and foremost about mirroring; seeing oneself as something different than what is possible.

Photo/Video: Hein Productions

Choreography and performance: Jonas Øren
Music and composition: Erik Spanne
Artistic guidance / dramaturg: Magnus Myhr
Choreographic guidance: Phillip Currel
Taylor: Aksel Hauklien
Outer eyes: Torunn Robstad and Martijn Joling

Light design: Reidar Andreas Richardsen
Sound technician: Terje Wessel Øverland
Producer: Kristin Skiftun

Thanks to: 
Digitrykk, Rina Rosenqvist, Montebøllo Kunstkollektiv

Supported by: Oslo Kommune and Arts Council Norway/ Norsk Kulturfond


Jonas Pedersen Øren 2019 — Oslo